In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, and in an effort to protect our wonderful Gilda's Club Community, we have temporarily modified our support groups and healthy lifestyle activities to be offered via a HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing option.

In order to protect the integrity and privacy of our support groups, you must have the meeting ID and password to join. If you do not have the meeting ID and password for your group or activity, please call the Clubhouse at 812-402-8667 or email Angie during normal business hours.

NEW videos have been added below.

Healthy Lifestyle Activities

Gilda's on the Go Yoga 4 Cancer

Barb Butler

Wednesday 10:30am Class Time

Gilda's on the Go Yoga 4 Cancer

Barb Butler

Thursday 9:00am Class Time

Gentle Clubhouse Yoga


Thursday 9:30 am Class Time

Tai Chi for Beginners


Alternative Video link (YMCA)

Emotional Health

Stop-Be-Connect Technique

Stop Be Connect

A short practice to interrupt the stress response

Rain Stick Activity for Kids

Rain Stick ingredients

An easy kid's craft with items from home to engage the senses

Five Senses Grounding

Person smelling flower

Work through your five senses to bring you back to the present

Deep Breathing for Anxiety


A simple breathing exercise to restore calm

Mindful Breathing

Lady near tree

A short breathing technique to encourage mindfulness

Sleep Meditation for Kids

Child sleeping

A brief meditation to do with your kids to encourage sleep

Anxiety: Tips & Tools to Cope

Person at sunrise

Learn what anxiety is and discover a few tips to cope

Nutrition Education

Healthy Kitchens: Herbs & Spices


Healthy ways to add a little flavor to your meals

Simply Prepped With Amanda

Delicious veggies & fruits with a twist

Avocado Mac & Cheese


Creamy avocado mac & cheese adds calories & eases mouth pain

Banana Melon Smoothie


Refreshing smoothie is high in protein & fiber